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Here's my story...

Make up has always been exciting and fun for me. I was interested in how creative it was and as I started discovering how products worked and how they transformed the way I looked I recognized how it increased my confidence too. I then began researching, and trying out the different types of make up and the effect it had.

This attracted me to a career in Beauty and Make up because I knew I wanted to help and empower women the same way I had helped myself. Growing up around strong, beautiful women in my family influenced my values on self worth, inner confidence and the importance of natural beauty.

Once qualified in beauty therapy, I began working in cosmetics for Brands such as Bobbi Brown, this is when I noticed how make up could magically transform and enhance other women of all ages to a deeper level of confidence. I taught them skills on not only how to apply their make up but how to look after their skin and I took the time to talk with them about how they were looking after themselves as well.

I personally feel that like many other women, I also have struggled with self-doubt and how to increase my inner self-empowerment. However, through some tough life experience I’ve learnt to be determined and do what enriches you as a person. My passion and desire to exceed in my profession pushed me into further make up training where I could broaden my knowledge and experience. This is where my career really began!

I trained at Shepperston Studios in London and went on to work in TV, Fashion, Film and Photographic make up around the UK. This training took my skills to another level of understanding, building professional techniques in the different styles of make up and knowledge of how make up is used in different environments, different genres and why they work.

Having worked in the industry for the BBC, SKY, National Newspapers and with a variety of photographers, I still enjoy working in the fashion and TV industry but now having relocated back to my roots, I specialise in Bridal, Events and Photographic make up, primarly in London and The Cotswolds- Where I have found my style of make up is most sort after. 

I pride myself on being someone who can connect with others because I take the time to listen. I know how important it is to be understood and really express who you are naturally as this is where real inner confidence comes from. Having grown up in the Cotswold’s, I never take for granted what beauty it holds, my decision to move back to my roots full time was to focus on the main reason why I started in this industry- to help people and see how make up can create such inner and outer confidence.

Personally outside of my job I am hugely interested in nutrition, health and creating a happy, healthy lifestyle. Understanding how your stress levels, your surroundings and life can have a huge impact on your inner and outer beauty. I try to bring this to each and every one of my clients and look at the whole picture and the whole person. I very much believe in the saying ‘happiness is the best make up'

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading a little bit about me and if I can be of any help to you please give me a call or drop me an email here

Christine X