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5 Pre-Wedding Tips for Brides


Of course on your big day, you want to look your most refreshed, radiant and just drop dead gorgeous. Yes, makeup can enhance your features and contribute to the final perfect look however these tips will ensure you look, FEEL and just ooze radiance and beauty.

Here are my 5 top tips for you lovely brides to be


For Radiant looking skin, one of the key tips is ensuring a good skin care routine.

If you don't already, try cleansing your skin morning and evening to ensure your skin is clean before you apply any make up and then completely clean before you go to sleep. After cleansing, you can tone but the most important step is moisturising. Moisturiser is the key- you need to give your skin plenty of hydration pre-wedding, I recommend moisturising day and night (always after cleansing as a general rule)

Many brides to be will go for a few facials's or even buy a block of facial’s in the lead up to the wedding, this is a great idea to start replenishing and nourishing the skin however I would recommend stopping them at least 2 week gap before the wedding to let your skin rest and reap the benefits. This will also ensure that if you have any break out's etc from the facial it gives your skin time to recover and replenish.

Treat your skin: If your not having facial’s, start giving your skin weekly exfoliations to buff away any dry skin and at least 2 masks a month (again try and start this in the months leading up to the wedding at least 2-3 months before)


Being hydrated has a massive impact on your skin. When you keep hydrated your skin feels a lot more healthy and plump, as well as looking brighter and fresher. There is evidence shown that drinking plenty of water and when I say plenty, at least 8 Glasses a day keeps your skin more supple and healthy. 


Perhaps you already take care of your diet or maybe you don’t have a particular diet and just enjoy your food, making a conscious decision to eat for your well-being for a few months up until the wedding could have a dramatic difference on your how your skin looks, but also how you feel and your over all health. You can feel more energized, positive and generally healthy. Now I'm not saying go on some dramatic juice diet but perhaps just adding in an extra portion of fruit or vegetable can make some impact. 

*Here’s a few of my own little skin food secrets:

* Morning radiance boost smoothie- This smoothie is great to get you going in the morning or for an afternoon energise kick. It contains simple ingredients that have antioxidant and purifying properties to help you fee and look fabulous.

  • Spinach (handful)
  • Blueberries (fresh or frozen)
  • Plain Greek Yoghurt (1 tablespoon)
  • ½ cup of coconut water
  • For extra sweetness you can add 1/4 of a banana 

* I try my best to drink a pint of warm water with sliced lemon first thing before eating anything to give my digestion a kick start and tick off that first bit of hydration for the day. 

*Salmon and other high Omega Fish for meals- These contain good fats and minerals that contribute to healthy skin, hair and nails. I love to make Teriyaki Salmon with lightly stir fried vegetable's. 


Get up, out and move your body- Even if its just a good paced walk in the fresh air or a little jog, maybe a session in the gym. It will get the fresh oxygen and blood flowing around your body, you will instantly see the effects on your skin and mindset. 


We’ve all had that little or break out from a tough week at work or something of the kind. Here’s a few tips on how to keep stress levels at bay and keep mindful:

Breath deep- When you feel at all stressed or anxcious, deep breathing or just noticing your breath will instantly calm you.

Take time for yourself- Even its 5 minutes to sit and have a cup of tea, or even a long hot bath with essential oils.

Use essential oils, they are usually in expensive to buy and they can be used in different ways. You can put a little on your pillow or have some on a tissue to inhale when you feel at all stressed. My favourite scents to de stress are Lavender, Neroli and Jasmine. 

Meditation and Yoga- To me meditation is just being calm and taking a few minutes for yourself, to switch off your mind, recognise your breathing and consciously relax your mind for a while. I also think Yoga is amazing for this because as well as getting your body stretched you purposely can't think of anything else which forces you to focus on your breath and the present moment you are in.