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Autumn Beauty


Autumn Beauty

So, usually I am a total summer baby but this year I am absolutely LOVING Autumn, more than I have before.

I love admiring the colours on a country walk, wrapping up with fashionable knits and taking advantage of wearing warmer and richer make up colours!

I also had a larger amount of weddings this autumn and my brides are really getting inspired too by the autumn colours and feeling a little more daring with their make up. Still keeping it natural and classic but using more definition with warm, darker tones and even sprousing up a few looks with a Hollywood red lip!

Here are my 3 Autumn beauty tips to get the best out of this beautiful season:
1. Don’t neglect your skin!

Even though the temperature hasn’t dropped dramatically yet, your skin will still be adjusting to the season change and this could mean it feels a little dryer than usual? Don’t panic, your skin hasn’t suddenly changed to a dry skin type, it’s just dehydrated- We have the heating on more, you may be feeling less thirsty so you’re drinking less and the cooler weather in general doesn’t help! So, to help- try these 3 things:

1. Keep drinking water- If not more!

2. Kick up your moisture levels, either apply more moisturizer day and night or start using a thicker or more nourishing moistuiser at night.

3. Eat foods with higher water levels- * the minerals and vitamins wont do anything bad for your complexion health either. 




Green Cabbage



2. Compliment the seasonal colours:

The best thing about Autumn has to be the colours. The rich oranges, yellows and red leaves on the tree’s and the ground on a country walk. Why not give these tones a go when you next think of doing your make up?

Here are some of my favourite Autumnal palettes which work wonders with all eye colours and incorporate the seasonal shades. 

Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita | NARS Narassist 'Loaded | Anastasia Beverly Hills - Modern Renaissance

Autumnal Bridal looks using these palettes:


3. Do you dare to go dark?

LIPSTICK. If you’re not a eyeshadow type of person, why not try and go for a different lip colour. I love it when it comes to autumn and winter and you can get away with wearing a darker lip colour.

Here are 3 of my favourite colours for this season:

MAC Stone | MAC Whirl | Bobbi Brown Nude: 


I hope this has given you some inspiration for your Autumn beauty. 


Christine x