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Autumn Inspired Eye Make up


Autumn Eyes

With a new season, brings new make up looks. Here I've explained two eye looks and the products to achieve them. Why not sproose up your eye's get into the an Autumn feel!

I love to alter my make up depending on the seasons. However it’s important to think about what’s going on with your skin as the weather changes. As it starts to get cooler, you may like to think about changing your skin care and foundation slightly. Below is a few of my top tips for that transition. 

  • Add a little more moisturiser to your usual amount. Give your skin extra hydration. Perhaps even start adding a little drop of oil or serum to your moisturiser at night.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day but especially first thing in the morning. We often start to turn the heating on at this time, so make sure your not drying your skin out over night.
  • Check your foundation colour. Have you unfortunately lost your gorgeous summer tan? If so check the foundation isn’t look too dark. I have already had to go a shade lighter, much to my disappointment.

Autumn Eye's:

So here’s some of my favorite Autumn Make up looks. Some I’ve used on myself but also some favorites of my clients too:


Subtle and smokey- Champagne, Rose Gold Eyes

A warm, slightly smokey casual day look that still gives you that sense of glamour.

In autumn its nice to start adding a bit of warmth into your eye shadows. I like to save the real bronzes and gold’s for winter and Christmas however a warm champagne tone or rose gold is just the perfect transition. This look will be particularly flattering on a blue eye.

Here are a few different products to create this look:

Premium Make up products:

High street alternative:

  • H&M Cosmetics Eye shadows in Secret sphinx, Life’s a peach, Sahara Caravan (The H&M cosmetic eye shadows are surprisingly fantastic, I was surprised to find how pigmented and long wearing they are. Here are three I use to create this Autumn look) 


Deep and Mysterious- A Darker eye with Maroons & Plumbs 

A look to enhance the eyes and give you that defined dark Autumn night feel. Another beautiful look for autumn and will really compliment Brown and Green eyes. As the maroons and plumb colours start to appear more in clothing and accessories, it's great to know there is some fabulous make up products to compliment them. 

Here are two pallets that are great for this look: 

Premium brand:

  • Charlotte Tilburg Vintage Vamp Pallet (This palette holds 1 light base colour that compliment the two beautiful maroon/plumb colours, these eyeshadows apply amazingly and blend perfectly. There is also a 4th shade which is a sparkle wash, this can be used on top to enhance the colours into a glitzy evening look) 

High street Brand:

  • H&M Cosmetics Aubergine Dream Palette (This palette holds 9 beautiful colours, from light base colours to gorgeous plumb and maroon tones. There are a mix off matte and shimmer finishes. It's also amazing value for money!) 

Enjoy, Christine x