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Bridal Make Up - What, Why, When and How?


Bridal Make up

What, Why, When and How?

I get asked all sorts of questions from brides to be asking about their make up for the wedding. For example, what the benefits are of having a make up artist for your big day rather than doing it yourselves. What the process is or how it differs to every day make up?

I often find people looking for advice because they have previously had a bad experience, which is such a shame as having your make up done for your wedding day should be a wonderful, exciting experience so you feel totally confident! So I thought a blog simply just chatting through these queries could be really beneficial. At the end of the day it’s a hugely important day where you must feel totally relaxed and confident in your decisions. 


So what is Bridal make up and does it differ to every day make up?

Your wedding day make up can be anything you wish for. Simple!

There is no right or wrong, every woman is different and wants different things. The way I work is to create a look that you feel totally confident in and that you still feel like yourself only better.

It may be a natural look, a vintage style or a glamorous get up- whatever the look, you should feel your make up looks polished and flawless as well as being applied correctly with the right products so that is stays in place throughout the day and evening.

So with all of this, comes a professional in handy and how to it becomes different to your day-to-day make up.

It’s vital to use products that work on your skin and look great in person but also on photos. For example it’s important to be careful with using SPF foundations  to ensure you don’t get flash back in photos as some foundations containing an SPF can create this (Flash back is where you face can come out looking ghostly white in photos).

It’s also about the experience, the experience of taking the time to get ready in the hours before you get married such feel amazing. Feeling special, pampered and looked after goes without saying! Most of my brides always comment on the fact that it’s so nice for them just to relax and have one less thing to think about when they're getting ready, especially knowing we have prepared fully in the trial so that they can completely rely on me.


Why should you or would you have a professional do your make up rather than to it yourself or even have make up at all?

Well most of my brides often say it’s for two reason, one because they want to make sure they look and feel their very best for the day and in photos but also it saves them thinking about having to do their make up in the time before the wedding, allowing them to spend more time enjoying those all important memories and moments. 

And of course it’s that special moment of feeling pampered that you may not usually have. Your wedding day, is YOUR day, a day to feel the most wonderful you have ever felt.


When should you book? Have the trial etc.

Now everyone has different planning schedules, but for booking make up for the day, I find people tend to start to enquire and book around 9-6 months before the date. Saying that I do have some brides booking a over a year in advance!

However the later you leave it, the less chance your date will be available. I’d say my peak months are usually June, July, September and October- These months tend to get booked up very quickly where as the other months usually take a little longer to get booked up. 

However I personally have a team of make up artist that not only assist me on large bridal parties but I also take on dates that I am not available for. This way if it is my ethos, standard and way of working that attracted you to contact me then you can be ensured my team has the same attributes.

Once booked, we would then look at booking your trial date. I usually recommend having your trial around 6 weeks prior to the wedding, this is usually a good time because most of the planning has been done and you know your colour schemes, flowers etc. It also isn’t two far in advance that you forget what we did but it’s also not too fresh in your mind so it is still a lovely surprise on the day!


How do you apply the make up? What make up?

The world of make up can a bit of a mind field for anyone, whether you’re into your make up or if you don’t usually wear a huge amount- there is so much choice, reviews and brands out there.. it can be a little daunting when it comes to what to use and how to do it well.

Anyone can apply make up but it’s applying make up well and professionally which takes technique and skill. Having knowledge of colourings, complexions, face shapes, eye shapes and how it works for all these different elements. 

Having product knowledge and experience of working with many different products and brands so that you are familiar with what works and doesn’t work on all types of skin tones, eye colours, skin types etc is also vital. 

How the make up photographs! Ensure your make up artist understand how make up works in front of the camera as well as in person. My time working in TV and Fashion has given me such a great base of knowledge to use with my private clients and brides now, it gives them such confidence in all these different area's.

I have a huge variety of products and tools in my kit depending on what I think is best for my client. For example, with foundations it's important to have a selection of liquids, creams, powders and balms. Having this variety gives me the ability to work on anyone and have the correct kit for them.

I also do HD Airbrush Make up. Airbase makeup is applied to the skin using an airbrush gun. A fine mist of the product is evenly sprayed directly onto the skin, giving an utterly flawless and even finish. These fine, tiny particles of makeup are applied with air to the skin to help even the skin tone and smooth over any imperfections. To read my full blog on this, click here. 

I hope this has given a little help to any questions you may have and a bit of in sight into Bridal make up and how I work. 

If you have any further questions, please contact me here :)