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Good skin is made from within!

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Achieve healthy skin from the inside, out with the help from 'Deli Beet's' Angela Key..

Angela Key recently set up her own business creating delicious healthy, gluten free, refined sugar, dairy free food's that still taste amazing and can be enjoyed by all. When we first met, we chatted for hours about our love for looking after are bodies from the inside, out but also recognising we had similar struggles with being able to maintain such a lifestyle when there is such a lack of healthy alternatives or general knowledge on eating well for your body throughout the Cotswolds. 
Working with all different types of women every day, especially brides I have noticed a growth in women wanting to understand how their diet and lifestyle effect's their skin and natural beauty. Therefore by teaming up with like minding people like Ang and her company 'Deli beet's', I'm able to refer my client's in the right direction for there over all beauty.
 Read her little story and find out her top tip's to creating and maintaining a healthy skin complexion.
Get to know Ang & Deli Beets..

Hi everyone! I’m Angela. I recently started a little business called DeliBeets. It wasn’t all part of a big plan though... at the time I was absorbed in house renovations whilst working full time and coping with all the usual day to day demands plus staying fit, going to the gym and eating well. However, I’d noticed there was little choice in my local town for what I call ‘natural healthy’ food that you could takeaway or eat in. I didn’t always want bread or soup so I’d rustle something up for myself. I definitely wasn’t the only local or tourist frustrated by this and Christine Cara was one of those fully engaged with eating skin-loving, gut rewarding nourishment. It was clear the demand for plant based and nutritional (plus gluten free and vegan) food in the Cotswolds area was growing.

Feeling bold one day, I started supplying a local business with super healthy breakfasts, lunch and snacks to test the reaction... No one hated it!! Oh the relief!! It’s still proving popular today and so, DeliBeets was created. I hope I am someone you can relate to as a down to earth, real life kind of girl that is managing to age gracefully in a demanding life. It’s easy to find reasons to fall back into bad habits but there’s always a way, if you have the will.

There’s much more background to my story so, if you fancy having a read whilst sipping your turmeric latte maybe, then check out some of the new blogs I’ve posted on I would love to one day open a DeliBeets outlet in town if I can find the resource! You never know what the future holds though, right? Keeping my eyes peeled for new opportunities all the time so watch this space ;-)

How she transformed her skin through diet..

Let’s cut to the chase. I’m almost 40. There, I said it. My face definitely knows it but I’ve been ignoring it’s warnings. It’s not that I’m ‘wrinkly’ it’s just that suddenly one day, I noticed my face seemed to want to fall towards the floor when I looked down... I don’t remember that happening before? It’s my own fault. Throughout my teens, twenties and early thirties I laid in the sun, covered in oil, for hours on end. Anyone else get obsessed with burning themselves? It wasn’t a successful tanning day unless you had to put your pants and bra in the fridge before wriggling them on your red raw skin, right? No? Just me? Ok, but you have to admit we all loved the slightly tinged, glowing feeling of our skin being damaged beyond repair. Oh and I also ate sweets, cake and carbs every day without fail. I was doomed!

Roll on several years and I started to notice sun spots, winkles, dehydrated and generally sad skin. People thought I was older than I actually was. Insert sad face.That was the trigger, I was a woman on a mission to correct my mindless vanity…with more meaningful vanity!

Topically I used good quality creams and had some glycolic peels with microdermabrasion - that worked really well, but I’d read so much about healing your complexion and supporting collagen production with nutrition that I threw myself into understanding how that might work.

5 years on, I can safely say it’s made a massive difference. I stopped having face treatments years ago so I can assure you my ‘experiment’ is purely food and supplement based but the key to all this is making sure you have good gut health in order to get the most from your food. Shall I cut to the chase? I could ramble on for hours on this subject.

So what does Ang swear by? Here are her 5 top tips that have made the most difference to maintaining a healthy complexion:


Boring? Yes but you want good skin don’t you? I try to drink 3 pints of water (preferably filtered) per day. If you drink coffee or tea just stick to one or two really good quality caffeine hits before midday and always remember, for every caffeinated drink you need to drink 1 glass of water to counteract the dehydrating effect it has. I used to live off the coffee and tea, I now don’t need more than 1 per day. Keep a pint of water next to your bed and drink all of it before you do anything in the morning. It’s a great way to start the day…add some slices of lemon, go crazy!


Maca Powder

Maca is amazing stuff. I haven’t had a single breakout since I started having it in my smoothies. Not just that, it’s balanced my hormones and definitely played a part in me not getting colds when everyone around me is suffering. I started using it on it’s own so I can honestly say the difference was noticeable. Check out this link to purchase and read more about this super root!


The first thing to do is repair the gut. Start by incorporating these foods and bin the nasty, preservative packed breads, crisps and biscuits;

Sauerkraut. Don’t heat it up and always buy unpasteurised. Sauerkraut is a fermented product containing masses of gut loving bacteria which most of us don’t have enough of. Gut bacteria not only helps draw essential nutrients from our food but also increases our immunity and has even been proven to reverse auto immune diseases. It’s a huge subject but I’m trying to keep this brief! If you want to buy sauerkraut, kimchi and kombucha, all of which should become part of your daily intake, then use this link

Brazil nuts - Have 3 per day. Great source of selenium! Add in Vitamin E rich almonds for cell damage protection.

Salmon & Trout - We all know it’s good in so many ways. Great source of quality fat and Omega but try to have three portions a week and opt for wild farmed.

Leafy greens - ditch the iceberg and go for Vitamin C rich spinach or chard…unless you’re super hard core and can deal withkale and broccoli. Ram a handful of it into your morning smoothie or juice and add to your meals to really pump up the collagen intake.

Avocado So easy to add into the smoothie but equally lovely sprinkled with lime juice and chilli flakes with any meal. One per day is perfect.

Eggs I’m not vegan so they play a massive part in my diet. I have them most days scrambled with turmeric, coconut oil, black pepper and butter. It’s delicious and an amazing way to increase your protein which in turn helps support your skin, hair and nails. Plus it stops you craving sugar rich foods and makes you feel full for longer.

Seeds Rich in Zinc which is great for skin and sebaceous glands. Also found in poultry if you’re that way inclined!

Sweet potato and butternut squash It’s packed with beta-carotene which triggers Vitamin A and new skin cells.

Refined sugar. I’m not going to lie, I love cake. Not the supermarket style iced bun, I’m talking freshly made pecan pie, bakewell tart, carrot cake, brownie, anything with pastry. I had to stop having it because it’s packed with refined sugar. Why is refined sugar bad for you? Here’s the science bit - refined sugar (and simple carbs) cause insulin levels to spike which leads to inflammation in the body. That inflammation produces enzymes that break down collagen. Need I say more?

If you can buy something ’natural' then treat yourself but it’s still a fattening product so bear that in mind if you’re trying to keep the weight off. If you love a bit of baking, make something using natural sugars, dates, raw cacao, cacao butter, almond flour, buckwheat flour, that kind of thing then go for it. I don’t believe in denying yourself the things you love but if you stuff doughnuts in your face regularly, you’ll notice breakouts over time.

Bread - I love it, we all do. I stick to Spelt (ancient, easily digested grain) and 24 or 48 hour fermented sourdough which is packed with gut loving bacteria and has even been enjoyed by those struggling with gluten intolerance. Check out your local bakeries!

Picture me now with my hand on my heart, telling you I absolutely do not crave sweets, cheap nasty chocolate or useless carbs any more. It simply doesn’t appeal to me. I’ve retrained my body to want the right things. Your gut is your second brain. Listen to it.

Healthy Breakfast

Find more info on all this and other ramblings at

I’ve just started the blog and working on a book that will cover off easy gut health recipes and focus on skin and hair health foods that can easily be part of normal, every day life.

I’m off to have some homemade grain free bagels with lashings of coconut oil and avocado with turmeric and chilli. Big pat on the back for me!

Good luck and I hope this helps your skin boosting journey!

Ang x