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Improve your skin through exercise


Inner = Outer beauty blog series 

How exercise is benefiting our skin?
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On the subject of Inner beauty having an effect on our outer beauty, I thought it would be an interesting time of year when everyone is on a fitness kick to find out how all this exercise could actually be benefiting more than just our figures.

I caught up with personal trainer Danni Leppier from ‘Sculpted Health & Fitness’ to pick her brains about how exercise can benefit your skin and keep you looking and feeling your most beautiful.

After becoming a qualified personal trainer and nutrionlist, Danni started working for a company in the west midlands to turn her knowledge into experience. Originally from a drama and dance back ground, Danni Leppier has always had love for movement. She has seen, first hand the positive effects it has on the body. Through the combination of her love of fitness and passion for helping others, Danni decided to leave the drama to one side and concentrate on becoming a personal trainer.

Throughout her time working there, she soon learnt she had a specialty in training clients to feel and look the best version of them.

After getting such a strong response from her cliental, Danni decided to start her own company, now two 

years on she has a great following of clients and is known for being a great motivator with tones of knowledge.

I spoke with Danni about how exercise not only makes your body feel and look great but how it can benefit your complexion plus her top tips and advise to keep your skin healthy through your workouts!

Top Benefits


If you know you are going to get a sweat on, avoid the make up.

Danni has seen first hand how wearing make up whilst pumping it in the gym can hugely damage your skin. Of course when you sweat your pores open, allowing anything on the surface of the skin to go into them and if you wear make up it can block these open pores, which can lead to black heads, milium (white black heads) and breakouts.

If you have long locks, tie it back! The mixture of sweat and the natural oils from hair follicles can also cause these same issues, especially around the hairline.

However, sweating isn’t so much of a pain when you consider the detox process it promotes. To be more precise, when you exercise you are encouraging toxins that are held in your lymph glands to come out and this is where sweat can help release these toxins directly out of your pores.


This tip is very simple however highly effective. Hydration! Of course the more exercise we do, the thirstier we get and it’s vital to replace the fluid we may have lost due to sweating so that we don’t get de-hydrated.

Drinking more water hydrates the body, therefore hydrating the skin and benefitting the overall complexion.

Drinking water helps to flush out un-wanted toxins from the body. It hydrates the skin keeping it looking flump, fresh and radiant.


During exercise and after, you’re bodies are producing proteins. When you exercise, particularly strength training, proteins are released to help mend tiny tears that are created when lifting weights- these mended tears are what create muscle mass.

One of these proteins is called collagen. You may have heard of collagen, usually known for its anti-ageing benefits because of its ability to crease the elasticity in your skin.

So in simpler terms, you not only may be helping tone your muscles but also toning and firming your skin too! Bonus!


A natural stress relief! Exercise is a great way to relieve tension and release endorphins (hormones that make you feel happy).

You may be thinking 'what has this got to do with my skin'. Well actually stress can have a huge impact on your skin complexion, it can increase the possibilities of breakouts, lower levels of collagen production due to the release in cortisol (a stress hormone). This stress hormone can alter the immune system and suppress the digestive system, which are two systems that have a direct effect on our skin if not in good condition. 

As women I’m sure we’ve all gone through stages of noticing the difference of our skin when we are relaxed in comparisant to when we are stressed. So next time you feel stressed why not, go for a walk, attend a yoga class or even take a trip to the gym.

Personally I have gone through long stages of bad skin when I have been stressed, therefore now I am very mindful of getting stressed and allowing myself to take a step back before it goes too far.

Top tips:

Go outdoors!

Try and exercise outside as much as possible. Yes, I know- easier said than done in England. But in the warmer months Danni recommends exercising outside to increase the added benefits of vitamin D for its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties for the skin. Just be careful to use sun protection in high temperatures.

If you struggle from acne or psoriasis, Vitamin D is proven to help soothe and treat both of these issues and is commonly used in prescript creams and supplements.

Where to start?

Danni’s advices is to simply start anywhere, she understands it can be difficult to get out and about if your are busy, sometimes simply finding the time to exercise just seems too difficult.

However, her first top tip is to be mindful of including exercise where you can. Perhaps allow extra time to walk places rather than get a taxi or bus.

Jog up the stairs, rather than walk it…just have the conscious thought of being active and you will naturally start feeling more active.

If your just getting started but want to attend classes and have more of a workout routine, Danni recommends starting with light exercise like Pilates or yoga, you can then build up to more envigerous training.

Finally, Do what you enjoy!

Don’t do something unless it gives you joy, exercise is of course great for many reasons but find something that works for you and it will be effortless.

I can completely agree with this top tip. 4 years ago I would have never prioritized exercise, but seeing how many amazing benefits it had on my body, my mood and my skin- I got completely hooked. However after a while of doing the same thing it became less enjoyable and more because I felt I must do it.

I decided to find a new way of exercising in fun classes and different types of workouts. I now only do what I thoroughly enjoy and see the most benefit from.

If you have any questions for Danni or are interested in any of her expertise, you can contact her through her Facebook page! 

So let's get going! 

Christine X