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Inner Beauty = Outer Beauty!


Inner Beauty = Outer Beauty

''Outer Beauty is Inner Beauty made visible''

I'd love all girls and women to give this blog a read.. 

Just for a moment put down the skin care, look away from your make up bag and think about yourself.. at least whilst you read this blog anyway!

You and only you have the power to create true, healthy, natural beauty for yourself.

I’m taking about amazing skin, healthy hair, strong nails, feeling wonderful and happy in your own skin.

I'm passionate about how your natural beauty if your key and your first step to having fabulous make up. When I mean natural beauty, I mean you without make up. I believe not only if you have great, healthy skin will your make up look even better but you’ll have the confidence to know you look fabulous with or with OUT it!!

From years of experience working with women of different ages, personalities and careers. Including models, actresses, young to mature women and brides, I have seen a reoccurring pattern with women lacking the understanding that looking after themselves and their body is the first step to feeling truly confident, empowered and beautiful… And lets be honest, we all want that!

So what is this confidence I mean? Well it could be anything from feeling happy enough to wear no make up to the shops because you know your skin looks fresh but also having the confidence in yourself to be at one with any imperfections you might have that day too?!

I noticed throughout my career, that a lot of women didn’t take care of themselves the way they deserved to. They would say they would like to, but yet they still didn't.. either they felt they were too busy, it wasn't a priority and in general.. life just happens! 


  • Whats stopping you from taking the extra time to do your skin care regime at night? How could you make time for an extra 5/10 minutes and how could that potentially make you look and feel? 
  • Why are you perhaps eating foods that you know won't benefit you, do they perhaps give you tummy troubles or bring you out in spots??
  • Could you be putting yourself in potentially stressful situations when perhaps you don't need to, do these situations make you feel and look tired or run down?
  • Are your surroundings boosting you, improving you, enriching you and enhancing your ability to feel good?

Do you move everyday and get fresh oxygen? If not! Would you like to and how could you plan that into your day?

I love Make up and it's ability to make you feel fabulous, it enhances your best features and is a wonderful tool which I am hugely passionate about. However I feel it has made girls and women talk less about how we also feel just as good without the make up, lotions and potions. 

When I'm with a client, one of the first questions I ask will always be about their skin- How they feel about it, if they have any issues or problem area’s and if there are any problem area's, I usually find it will link up to one or more of these three things: Their diet, how much they are moving and their surroundings. Then after this (which may surprise you) I'd look into what products they use to look after their skin.


I've written three questions below. I'd love you to honestly answer them in your head, really think about each once in depth and see how it makes you feel and whether it prompts you to think about how these attributes in your lifestyle effect you and how you could start enriching your inner beauty by making small changes:

1) How would you rate your diet on this scale between 1- 10

  1. You consciously know you don't  eat the right food for your body and you struggle with a balanced diet. You find what the food you eat makes you feel un well and is un beneficial to your body.
  2. You have a balanced diet but go off track often eating foods you know wont make you feel good.
  3. Your diet is the best it is for you personally, you know it benefits you and enhances your body and skin.

Depending on the number you think your at, think about whether you could change anything. Perhaps you know what that is but you forget, it could be a small thing like adding more fruit into your diet or if you know chocolate gives you spots, slowly cutting down on that. 

2) How much do you move? When I say move, it could be a daily walk for fresh air, a bike ride, a yoga class or even a gym session.

I ask this because a lot of women I speak to often say their skin has felt and looked the best when they’ve been doing more exercise or moving more in general.

3) Your surroundings. This includes the people you spend your time with, the time you spend working in ratio to the time you spend relaxing or having a moment to yourself.

  • Are you feeling stressed or over worked? If so, what strategy could you put in place to give you some time, daily, weekly or monthly? If you are so used to not doing it, you will quickly notice the effect's of simply giving yourself some love. Take the time to switch off!
  • Are their certain points in your lifestyle you think you could alter to make you feel more positive? Is there a partiuclar hobby you dont do enough of, seeing family or friends more often.. maybe its even saying no sometimes to something you dont want to do?

I ask this because your feelings have a massive effect on your skin. Our feeling's as a girl or women have a dramatic knock on effect on our bodies.

Here is just once example of how are emotions effect our beauty: When we are at all tense or stressed our bodies can release stress hormones such as cortisol, this stress hormone can result in effects like an over production of sebum (oil) on the skins surface, this can create havov for little things like just our foundation staying on but can even result in break outs and imperfections. This hormone can also decreases our levels in collagen which can have an effect on our skin's elasticity and overall texture, long term. 


A little bit of a different yet (I hope) helpful blog, I want to prompt and and encourage girls and women to understand that balancing and managing life's ups and downs can have a massive positive effect on your body and beauty, now and long term which will result in a lot more of us feeling truly confident and empowered in our natural beauty!!

Thanks for ready, if you have any questions at all please do contact me or leave a comment and if you liked this blog or think it would be helpful for someone else, please do share :) 

Christine X