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My Personal Skin Saviour Secrets


My Personal Skin Saviour Secrets

As a Make up artist, I've learnt just how important it is to take care of your skin. You soon realise when you have healthy skin that Make up looks and feel’s 10 times better.

Yes we use make up to enhance and beautify but what a lot of people don’t take in to account is how our make up can look different depending on the condition of our skin. 

For example, I’ve had clients in the past asking me why their foundation wasn't looking as even as they'd like and why it doesn’t last very long. Most of this is usually caused because the skin is a little dehydrated, therefore the pore’s are desperate for a drink, this resulting in the foundation sinking into the skin or settling in dry patches. It can also be being the skin is a little oily due to not enough moisturiser in the first place, resulting in the foundation not lasting. I describe these reasons in more detail further down the blog. 

Here are my 5 top tips on how to give your skin that bit of TLC, which will result in your make up looking fresher and staying put for longer!

1) 'Beautiful inside and out'

I’m a big believer that what we put into our body has a big effect on the outside and a lot of time this involves our complexion's. Now I’m not a nutritionalist, so I wont be going into a whole tangent however I very much believe a well balanced, healthy diet will instantly help your skin to feel healthier.

So here's my secret. I make a little 'shot' of goodness that I add to my diet to ensure I’m getting a kick of goodness for healthy, bright looking skin.

 'GINGER, TURMERIC & CARROT SHOT'- These days you can buy little bottles of small juice’s like this that contain similar ingredients, from various stores however I like to make it myself (where time permits).

  • I’ll juice a few Carrots (or Apple can be used to make it sweeter) and some Ginger, then add a teaspoon of Turmeric. These ingredients all contain antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that contribute to healthy skin. I'll make enough for 3 shots, this I’ll have over a week. I’ll do this every so often, when I feel that my skin needs a little love and extra care. After the week I instantly see the effects. My skins feel's smoother, more even, it looks radiant and my make up goes on a treat!

2) 'You’re sweet enough'

Sugar is something that can be problematic for the skin if eaten in large amounts; it can contribute to imperfections, dehydration and a sallow complexion. However it’s also something that can be difficult to get away from, it’s in most things from pasta sauces to even a loaf of bread.

So we have to be realistic and make adjustments where we can. I started to make my adjustments by firstly replacing sugar with Organic Agave Nectar or Coconut Nectar. These are natural and plant based sweeteners, they look like honey! These are both unrefined sugar's and have a lower glycemic index which means the body will absorb it slower, ensuring your body doesn’t have a rapid spike of insulin (caused by table sugar). This is what can contribute to imperfections and inflammation in the skin. I now replace all 'sugar' foods with unrefined sugars in my diet, including when cooking and baking- For example, Medjool dates are a great substitute in dessert recipes.   

It’s a small change to have a squeeze of Agave Nectar instead of a teaspoon of sugar but can make a lot of difference in the long run. It can also help with general sugar cravings.

3) 'Hydration is number one'

The name says it all. Its plain, simple and everyone can do it so there’s no excuse. Is there? We’re all guilty of not drinking enough now and then. I’ve had plenty of times where I come to the end of a busy day realising I haven’t drank enough and I can certainly notice the difference to the days where I’m conscious of drinking plenty.

My tip, which I find works for me is to have a big litre bottle of water and whenever its empty, fill it up straight away. I try to challenge myself to drink as many as possible (within reason).

My other tip is if you drink a lot of tea/coffee; get into the habit of having a glass of water with it. Caffeine can be dehydrating so this ensures your replacing it every time.

4) 'Miracle Moisture'

I’ve met a lot of people who don’t moisturise and then wonder why there skin isn’t feeling good.

It doesn’t matter the skin type, your skin always needs moisture. Even more so if you wear make up.

A lot of people that have an oily or combination skin get worried of moisturising because their skin doesn’t feel like it needs it but in actual fact it’s the opposite, the reason why your skin over produces oil is usually because its not getting enough moisture in the first place. Therefore it over compensates. You should especially use a moisturiser if you are cleansing and toning as this can strip the natural oils away.

Personally I moisturise morning and night after cleansing and toning.

5) 'You want me to put what on my face?'

Home made face masks!! I do use a lot of branded products, face masks being one of them. However every so often I like to make my own. Again using fresh produce and ingredients with no added chemicals can do the world of good for your skin.

My personal favourite for an all over skin saviour:

½ Avocado (hydrates and brightens)

1 tbsp. Bio live yoghurt (clears any bacteria or inflammation)

1 tsp. coconut oil (hydrates and smooth’s)

1 tps. Turmeric (brightens and firms)

1 tbsp. Oatmeal (exfoliates and brightens)

It’s really simple, just mix the ingredients into a paste and apply onto the skin.

I leave the mask on for around 10 minute-15 minutes then massage into the skin before removing, I do this as the oatmeal acts as a little exfoliation.

I love to do this when I have a free evening in doors. It’s great fun, it’s also a good one if you’ve got the girls over. What a great way to directly feed pure, natural nutrients into your skin!!

So there we have my skin saviours. I hope if you manage to try any of them out that they work and you feel and look fabulous, from the inside, out.