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Nathalie Bond Organics Experience


My Nathalie Bond Organics skin care experience…

I have a pretty set in stone routine with my usual skin and body care products, so I wanted to to give Nathalie's completely natural and organic range a go to see how my skin got on as I'm trying to make a conscious effort to introduce more organic and natural products into my skin care and make up routine!

Nathalie's story:

Nathalie Bond  handcraft small batches of botanical skincare and essential oil candles, using completely natural and organic ingredients. The range includes soap, lip balms, skin balms, body oils, scrubs, bath salts and candles. Nat runs the company with her husband Andy out of a workshop in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Together, they are passionate about natural skincare and believe that good business has the potential to make the world a better place.

They sent me the most gorgeous package of some of their beautiful products. Each product was in a different scent that they make, so I could put each one to the smell test. The products were beautifully presented in the box, wrapped in delicate tissue paper sealed with fresh little cuts of lavender that fell out of the package as I opened it! 

Products: Lemon Grass Body and Face Scrub, A Rose Geranium and Patchouli Skin Balm, A Lavender and Bergamot cold pressed soap block and finally a Peppermint Lip balm.

Lemongrass Body & Face Scrub:

Nathalie describes this products as an exfoliating body scrub to revitalise tired and dull skin- With ingredients such as dead sea salts, coconut oil and jojoba oil with the natural fragrance of lemon grass, it helps to brighten up your skin and your shower experience.

Well it certainly does what it say’s on the tin!

It’s amazingly vibrant and fresh scent instantly lifts you, I’d say its definitely one for the morning shower! The product and effects itself are just as uplifting- When applied onto the skin it has a smooth oily texture along with the exfoliating salts, I like that it didn’t feel rough but you could feel it working. The essential oil of the lemongrass along with the exfoliation feels like its hydrating and nourishing whilst scrubbing away dull, old skin cells. Once I'd showered if off, my skin was left feeling uber soft, nourished and awake! I loved it!

Make up artist tip:

This scrub could also easily be used on the skin of the face if used gently. I also tried it as a lip scrub along with the lip balm which I will talk about later on and it gave my lips the perfect surface, ready for my lipstick.

 Rose Geranium and Patchouli Skin Balm:

The Skin balm Nathalie has created is just the perfect multi tasking product! I first tried it out by using it on my body, using just a small amount and warming it up in my hands until it melts into a oily texture, allowed me to sweep it evenly all over my body. My skin still felt just as moisturised as if you’d used a larger amount of lotion or cream. I felt this texture gave it that extra luxurious feeling, like you are using something of true quality. 

The mix of Rose Geranium and patchouli essential oil gives it a deeply relaxing and calming aroma. I feel using the mixture of using the scrub in this scent or even the Orange & Cedarwood scent in the bath or shower then the skin balm after would be the most calm and indulgent way to relax in the evening before bed! 

Make up artist tip:

I’d say this product would work beautifully for someone with severely dry skin on their face and wanting to achieve a super hydrated glowing finish to their foundation. Using a little of this product instead of a usual moisturiser would be just the trick to ensure a dryer skin type stays hydrated all day long and the foundation keeps that natural looking radiance.

Lavender and Bergamot Soap Block:

Now if I’m being really honest, I would never usually use a soap block other than to wash my hands. Having always had quite dehydrated or dry skin, I’ve always kept away from using soap based cleansers or body washes however this soap block doesn’t have the same effect I’d often get- That tight feeling on the surface of the skin!

I used this on my body because for my skin type on my face, I feel it wouldn’t be the right product. Over all this is a beautiful smelling and lathering soap wash but not something I would use day to day on my skin. I would use it as a luxurious, non drying hand soap!

Peppermint Lip balm:

I have been a huge fan of the lip balms for a good while now, it was one of the first products I used from the range and I instantly fell in love with texture, effect and benefits it has!

First, lets talk about the scent. I’d usually use the sweet orange fragrance however since getting the peppermint fragrance, I think I may have a new favourite. I love how truly minty it is, it doesn’t at all have a synthetic taste or smell- Well of it doesn’t, its completely natural and organic!!

The lip balm in itself has such an uber hydrating texture. Having the essential oils in there, again like the other products gives a gorgeous smooth, silky finish.

Make up artist tip:

Now this products has been a miracle saviour for quite a few of my lipsticks!

I have a lot of lipsticks that I love purely for the colour but the texture or finish isn’t great- for example, I struggle with a lot of matte finish lipsticks but buy them for the colours. This is where the Lip Balm as become an absolute must have- Using a little of the lip balm under matte lip stick, just transforms it into this super hydrating, satin finish.

Go and check out Nathalie Bond Organics and give some of her beautiful natural products a go!