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Spring Clean Your Wellbeing


Spring Wellness

Looking at ourselves as a whole person- Not just outer beauty but inner beauty and wellness, how could we feel our best in this brand new beautiful season?!

We tend to give our wardrobes a clear out, give our kitchen cupboards a freshen, even paint the walls a different colour for that ‘Spring Clean’ or fresh new feeling. I’d like you to think about that in a wellness sense. If you were to spring clean yourself to feel fresher, more rejuvenated and generally better in some way, how would you do that?

Again I always come down to the fact that when we feel our best, we look our best- So even though maybe spring cleaning your make up bag is a good idea and exciting with all the new collections for a spring look- I’d also like to touch on what we’re doing as a women to feel good coming into this beautiful new season.

Ask yourself what gives you a sense of true inner and outer beauty? Is it eating well, looking after your skin, getting fresh air, exercising or seeing someone that makes you laugh until it hurts?

My favorite saying is ‘Happiness is the best Make up’ and there are so many factors that can contribute to that.

Here’s my personal ‘Spring Clean Wellness’ actions:
  1. Drink more water 
i’m always conscious of drinking water however recently, I think since the busy season has started I’ve been lacking. So my first conscious spring clean factor is to be mindful to drink more throughout the day.
  2. Do a detox mask every week
I must admit, I am very good with my skin care however sometimes when I’ve had a full on weekend I will forget to take my Sunday skin care routine seriously and will do a quick job which I usually always regret because my skin doesn’t feel just quite the same to when I take my time and use all the products correctly. The mask I use is an exfoliator and mask in one, the Decleor Phytopeel- I find it detoxifies and refines the surface of my skin, which is important to do if you're wearing make up day to day.
  3. Eat less meat
My diet is pretty balanced, full of lots of fruits and vegetables along side meat and fish. However my thoughts of eating meat have changed over the last few months. I wouldn’t necessarily not eat meat at all, but I’m going to be mindful of the amount I eat. For two reasons, I feel better when I eat eat less and have my source of protein from fish- I find my digestion and energy levels improve however also the environmental effects I will be conscious of, so for example trying to eat meat that is organic and local.
  4. Walk in the fresh air!
I love walking outside and now that its spring and the sunshine is coming out, I’m going to make a conscious decision to get outdoors and just take a relaxed walk. I live in a beautiful part of the world, here in the Cotswolds so there is no shortage of a beautiful route. I also have 3 sausage dogs, so I’m sure they’re going to be happy about this one!

So, what’s the point in making these statements and actions to your lifestyle- Well it’s purely for you, to take the time to think and YOU. What makes you feel good, happy, enhanced and BEAUTIFUL! 

I always come back to the saying outer beauty starts from within!

I hope this has made you think about how you may like to spring clean your well being going forward and if so, that it makes you feel fabulous!

Christine x