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We all love that summer glow, so here are 3 base products that I love to compliment your delicious summer skin and keep it lasting!

  • First Love: Erborian CC creme HD

This product is my 'go to' for when I am slightly tanned but I want to achieve that ‘almost bare’, healthy look. 

I absolutely love this product as it is so lightweight and breathable on the skin however you still see a dramatic difference. I find it evens the skin tone out and gives a beautiful radiance to the skin. 

I often use this product in the summer with a bit of a tan because of its great colour adaptation effect. This means it is one colour that changes depending on your skin colour. Therefore its perfect all the way through summer as your skin tone changes. This is my go to for a quick, fresh look.  Add a sweep of mascara, a pinky/coral lip and cheek balm and your good to go! 

BONUS- It have an SPF 45 PA+++

  • Second Love: Laura Mercier Tinted moisturiser.

This is a product that never goes out of fashion. I have been using it on myself and my clients since I can remember. I do use a variety of tinted moisturisers in my kit however I find it has that ‘just right’ consistency and can be build able which is great all year round when you want to achieve different coverages depending on the season. However for summer, it really does come into its own. It radiant, smooth and lasting finish is just perfect for the summer season. I’d say its my 'go to' then I’m wearing more of a full day look.

  • Third Love: Bobbi Brown BB Creme

Lots of people are confused with the difference between tinted moisturisers, BB Cremes, CC cremes. In fact there’s even a DD creme now! So before I explain why I like the Bobbi Brown BB Creme, here’s a quick break down of what they all do. 

  • CC Creme- Usually used for colour correction or colour adaptation. Most are usually a very light weight coverage. 
  • BB Creme - Known as ‘Beauty Balm’ usually does a number of things to ‘beautify’ your skin. For example: smoothing the skin tone, they can regulate shine as well as hydrating dry areas. So an all rounder I’d say and you can see why its used a lot in summer and hot countries.The coverage is usually slightly more than a tinted moisture but less than a foundation.
  • Tinted Moisturiser-  Well it does what it says on the tin- a light weight (sometimes light-medium) coverage that it aimed at hydrating the skin. Often used by people with dehydrated or dry skin, but there are also a lot of ‘oil-free’ versions out there for people with more of a combination or oily skin type. 
  • DD Creme- Known as ‘Daily Defence’. A product that can be used under makeup or alone, it is designed to defend your skin from things such as UV rays and pollutions, therefore will usually have a high SPF. It usually has a similar coverage to a CC creme.

So back to the Bobbi Brown BB Creme. I use so product in summer when I want just that smidge more coverage but not as much as a foundation. I’ll use it when I know I’m doing a slightly heavier eye make up etc so that over all the look is balanced.

It of course also has the ‘Beauty Balm’ benefits, therefore I feel it controls any shine and evens out my skin tone as my skin underneath does all sorts due to the changes in weather. Its a fabulous product for a hot day. I recently used it at a wedding abroad, I wanted to do a slightly fuller make up look but I knew I would be sweltering however this lasted all day and never once did I feel too shiny. 

  •  Fourth love: Dior Skin Airflash Foundation 

Dior Airflash is a great foundation to have in the summer as its so versatile. You can apply as a light weight coverage or really build it up to a full coverage finish. For those who like to use a foundation for different finishes, this is is the one I'd recommend. However I do understand when people get confused by how to apply it. Yes it advertised as a product that can be sprayed directly onto the skin but I find applying it that way doesn't give you much control over the finish. I personally like to spray a little onto the back of my hand and buff into the skin with a stippling brush. Doing it this way may feel like your defeating the point of it being 'air flash' however you still get the benefit of the product having very finer particles  than other foundation, which help to smooth and even your skin.

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