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Here’s 4 Products that I have found works wonders under serious heat and sweat.

1. Lancôme Effacernes Longue Tenue

This is a mighty concealer if there ever was one! This natural looking coverage concealer evens skin tone, diminishes dark circles and also helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines around the eyes giving you a flawless finish where ever used!

The reason however it’s on my top 4 for heat proofing products is because it simply doesn’t budge. Its long-lasting and waterproof dimensions make this the ultimate concealer for the summer months.

2. Hourglass VEIL Oil-free, Mineral Primer

I’ve always loved this product, in fact I use it throughout all the seasons however I find it is particular well suited to the warmer months as it is oil free and mineral based so helps keep any shine at ease underneath your foundation.

3. Urban Decay Fixing Spray

Fix it in place! Now I’m not a huge believer that you always need to use a setting spray and I rarely do with my clients however if I know its going to be a hot one then they do help just to set the make up in place and give it extra staying power.

I like the Urban decay fixing spray for the fact it has a good range for different skin types. For example, they have an Oil controlling, a hydrating and even a cooling setting spray as well as their standard long –lasting spray for all skin types. So you can take your pick depending on what you think your skin type is.

4. Make up Forever Ultra HD Loose powder- Translucent

My all time favourite powder! I love how fine this powder is, its perfect to dust on the t-zone without making the skin look too matte and dry, whilst keep a bit of luminosity to the skin!

I’m a big believer that you shouldn’t use powder unless you need it, but throughout warmer months and being in the heat you often do need that little more setting power for your foundation and this does just the trick without your make up feeling heavy!

Keep your make up looking fabulous through the summer months ladies! 

Christine x