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I’m often asked how I achieve such a dewy, luminous finish on my clients skin but without it looking shiny.

A soft focus luminous finish is just devine for brides but who doesn’t want to look like their glowing from within on a regular basis??

I have lots of tips and tricks to create this finish on the skin, however to achieve this look you need to adapt it to you and your skin type!

For example if I were doing a clients makeup with skin on the more de-hydrated side, I would firstly look at how I could get moisture back into their skin before any make up is applied. My first port of call would be a great moisturizer as a base for the make up, this way I'm starting with natural hydration and radiance. If I were to go straight on with products they would just be absorbed by the skin as it's crying out for a drink. 

Or if I were doing a client with extremely oily skin, I would think about using a primer that is going to give me a neutral/blank canvas, therefore one that will control the oil before starting the makeup. There are lots of these products on the market that help to matte the skin and control any oil secretion. 

The Products

I have a range of illuminating and brightening primers that I adore, again different kinds for the variety of skin type. When using a primer, I only apply a small amount in the area’s where I’d like their to be some radiance and this will be applied before foundation. For example the areas i target are the cheek bones, tops of eyebrows or arches and a little on the chin- Tip: I would be avoid the T-zone as this is where naturally most people find oil or shine. 

Now to find the right foundation for this look. Now firstly you don't want a foundation that is a matte finish, because that instantly defeats the point. I I recommend to achieve this look, to use a foundation that is light-medium buildable coverage with a hydrating/brightening or natural finish.

But is it that simple? Lots of my clients mention that they use foundations that say were meant to be illuminating but then as soon as they use, the finish feel's dry again. So powder- The trick is to only use a small amount where you feel it’s needed, this usually being the T-zone. If you still feel it looks too matte, then buy a powder that is less matte, you can find brightening powders as apposed to a ‘oil controling’ or ‘setting’- These powder’s usually do the job but don’t make the skin feel flaky or dry. I often say to clients as well, think whether you actually need to use a powder, for a lot of us its become a habit. However I rarely use powder, I have a normal to dry skin type so therefore there its not often necessary. 

Here are a few of my top GET THAT GLOW products for different skin types:


Normal-Comination skin : Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow- This is my all time favourite

Dehydrated-Dry skin: Laura Mercier Radiance Primer

Oily- Nars Oil control Primer


Normal or Dehrydated: Gorgio Armarni, Luminous Silk

Dry- Very Dry: Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich (This is great for someone with very dry skin, I find it instantly gives a lift to the skin)

Normal- Combination- Oily: Dior Forever- Now if I’ve ever done your makeup, you know I love this foundation. Its great for most skin types. Even though its not stated as a brightening powder, I find it gives a gorgeous, flawless and bright finish to most skin types.


Now it is totally personal preference whether you use a powder, and you will know your skin more than anyone, perhaps it gets oily in the afternoon or it could go the opposite and turn slightly dehydrated.

Here are my advised products for different skin types:

Normal- Combination: Dior Nude powder

Normal- Dry: Bobbi Brown Brightening Nude