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Wake up your skin:

March is coming up which mean’s I’m starting to meet my brides to be for their consultations and trials which is all very exciting!

Of course a trial is vital to ensure you feel totally confident with your make up but also this time can be used to look into how you’re looking after your skin.

You may already have a fixed skin care routine with your favourite products or maybe you have only starting getting in to a skin care regime very recently. I still always like to take a deeper look into your skin care and make sure what you’re using, your skin is really benefitting from.

Our skin is clever living organ and like us, it can get bored- Especially if you’ve been using the same products for over 8 to 12 months then your skin may be starting to seriously lack interest.

When our skin gets used to the same products, these products can become less beneficial simply because your skin will be predicting them every morning and evening or whenever you generally use your skin care.

I understand from years of experience how it can be tremendously hard to find skin care that works and I understand once you’ve got your routine, it can be quite nerve racking, the thought of going through that process again or changing it. Therefore I’m not suggesting you change everything straight away. Perhaps just ease yourself into the idea.

I recommend introducing something new into the mix every 6 months or changing either 1 or 2 of your daily products to something different.

I challenge you to embrace a little change and tweak something in your routine. Why not try a different mask or exfoliator this month? Perhaps you’ve never used an exfoliator or mask, so now would be the time to give it a go.

Wake up your skin and remind it your still looking after it!

If skin care is something you don’t use at all at the moment. Perhaps your first step is to try a cleanser and moisturiser and get into the habit of using that in the morning and before you go to bed.

In particularly with brides I find it hugely beneficial to go through this aspect of looking after them selves in the lead up to the wedding. Of course they are going to feel and see a hopefully positive change in their skin but also they will notice how their make up sits and looks so much better on their healthy skin. 

Christine x