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Winning winter skin


Uncover your Winter Glow in 5 steps

Have you noticed your foundation isn’t sitting right? Your skin feels tighter or your complexion is just feeling a little dull? 
A great one to read if you are a bride to be, getting married in December or early new year! 

Well here’s a 5 tips on how you can stop the effects of the cold weather on your skin. Don’t’ let your skin take on the harsh winter months without a bit of defence!

1) Boost your skin care regime.


Whatever your skin care regime is now, just add a little more hydration into it the mix!

Whether it be an extra layer of moisturiser, a richer moisturising product or adding an oil or serum treatment at night, perhaps even think about using a moisturising mask once a week with the excuse to sit and relax for 10-20 minutes whilst it soaks in properly.

Buff up:

Exfoliate! Many of us start to neglect exfoliating as winter hits because they feel their skin is drier however exfoliating wont dry your skin further, it will in fact reproduce healthy skin cells and help to give you that glow you want even in the colder months.

2) Feed your skin! Winter skin saviour foods.

I’m a big believer in what goes in to your body has a dramatic effect on the outside. 

So perhaps have a think about what ingredients and certain foods could benefit your skin for this season.

Here’s a few of my favourites:

- Grapefruit

Prink grapefruits contains lycopene, a carotenoid (that is found in pink and red foods) studies have shown this can help your skin stay smooth through the harsh temperatures. Lycopene can also be found in tomatoes, carrots, water and red peppers.

- Olive Oil/Avocado’s/ Salmon

These foods all have one thing in common, they are high in healthy fats. These fats or oils can help your skin to remain hydrated and less likely to dry out.

- Sweet Potato and Carrots

Both of these veggies contain a high amount of vitamin C. A vitamin which is vital through the winter for its two well known factors, it is a precursor to collagen production and a great cold and flu fighter. Sweet potatoes also have vitamin A in abundance which is great for locking in moisture and protecting the skin against drying out.

3) Fresh air

Its hard to get the motivation to go out in the cold, away from the warm but its vital we get fresh air even if it means wearing 1000 layers! We’re all turning the temperature right up on our central heating or car heating and this can seriously dry out our skin. Get fresh oxygen onto your skin and into your lungs to help fight the dry!

4) Water. Simple

We automatically drink more in warmer months that’s why we often have healthier skin in summer. Its the cheapest and most simple advice, just drink plenty of water! Set a reminder, fill up a litre and challenge yourself to drink it within a certain time- Just try and drink more and I guarantee your skin will improve and stay healthier this winter!

5) Balance!

Winter means one thing… CHRISTMAS! And Christmas means lots of indulging. I try to be mindful of how much indulging I do and how it could have an effect on my skin because I know certain food's can effect it. To ensure your skin stay's healthy and clear of imperfections, I'd recommend having foods with high sugar or saturated fats in moderation and balancing it with plenty of water and healthy foods where possible. But of course still absolutely enjoy the festivities! 

Thanks for reading and enjoy glowing through the winter months!

Christine x